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Twin Flame

You are a light

That splits the air

You shine on me

In moments fair


I breathe you in

You breathe me out

I hear your song

When tides roll out


I sing the words

You sing the tune

When tides roll in

Beneath the moon


A thousand years

A moments time

It matters not

Your light is mine


The days affairs

And life’s desires

All melt away

Within our eyes


My essence is

Your essence true

Twin flames are we

For I am you


By JLE, 6/30/17


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I had a dream  the other day,
When all reality fell away.
All those I hold dear in the here and now,
were fading into the background somehow .
Not awake, not asleep, yet a clear state of mind,
I journeyed, another place, another time.
A thousand years from now yet a thousand years ago,
as time had no meaning, this I did know.
In my heart there was singing, but all the notes were not there.
Half were missing inside, yet they hung in the air.
As I knew I had done in lifetimes before,
I fled to the earth’s magnificent shore.
And there in the moonlight as it shone on the sand,
stood the singer of my heart song holding out his hand .
As I took it, the earth began it’s great symphony,
and our souls sang in perfect harmony.
And we walked and sang to the ocean wave song ,
for or 1000 years or forever long.

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