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People who write don’t normally sit down and say, Ok I am going to write now, as if turning on a switch. Writers talk to themselves a lot. Their inner dialogue leads to inspiration that can strike randomly at any time and anywhere. 

So, I am in the airport waiting on a delayed flight, just thinking about stuff. I like what is going on inside my head and want to write it down while it is fresh in my mind, so, out comes my iPad. 
The following is just that: My random thoughts about stuff. And pretty “spot on” to the thoughts I often entertain.
I think that love is the cure to all that plagues the human race. Others will argue, no, God is. The fact is, I agree, since I do believe that the concept of God and Love are synonymous with one another.
Peace and harmony are high up on my list of must haves for my life. I would rather move on with my life than waste time and energy on negative situations. 
With that being said, I do not necessarily run from challenges. I often find myself compelled to play a role as peacemaker, problem solver or voice of reason. However, I choose my battles wisely, avoiding conflict when I do not feel it is worth the effort and risk to my own balance. When I do feel a conflict is worth the effort, I take special care not to allow the negativity to suck me dry of my energy. I wear a sort of armor, a shield against the negative forces that can rob me of my peace. 
I do believe however that I cannot change people. And that love and the desire for peace needs to be a two way street. When I fail to enlighten people, or bring clarity to a situation enabling others to break free of their bondage, that’s when I decide to move on. The turmoil will not serve me well. I am saddened by people who are prisoners of their own hate, bitterness and  jealously. But I will go my own way with a prayer in my heart for them rather than be infected by their disease.
Some would say, “wouldn’t suffering alongside the suffering be a more loving  thing to do rather than abandoning a sinking ship ?”Well misery does love company. That is true, but the world of negativity is far from a  lonely place, as miserable as it may be.  Sometimes the true peacemakers are the lonely ones, misunderstood or dismissed as idealist dreamers of fairy tales and happy endings. 
I don’t mind being described this way. I just journey on trying to preserve the love of the life I have been given, the people I live with and the world we all live in. 
There is a better existence beyond  this life, where love will prevail and peace will reign. I am certain of that. 

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Fellow Travelers

If you envision life as a Journey, and I do, you will realize that along the road there will be people who enter your life that are meant to travel with you, some for a short time, others for a long time, some are meant to travel alongside you until you have reached the journeys end in this life. Each fellow traveler has a purpose that matters to you, and one that matters to them in their Journey as well. It’s all meant to be. Sometimes  you are lucky enough to reconnect with a fellow traveler that has gone down a different path somewhere further down the road. It’s just the way the Journey is, and it’s all good.

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