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On Equality

I believe that one of the most beautiful things about the human race is our diversity. I believe that “equality” means every human has the same value, but we are NOT all the same. We vary in our dna, in our physical attributes, in our cultural backgrounds in our talents, strengths and weaknesses. If we deny our differences then we lose a tremendous opportunity to learn from one another. We deny ourselves the enriching experience of seeing humanity beyond our own perspective. We are called to love, value and respect equally. We are not called to view everyone as the same. I don’t think any race, nationality or creed on this planet wants to be invisible. We want to be heard, understood respected and loved just the way we are.

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I think one of the reasons I love watching movies from the 1950’s is the fascination with a time and world that was my Mother’s . Watching the women , their styles , their Mannerisms, the way they talked , it’s like watching a piece of your history .

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When a simple poem, or a good rendition of a song with a beautiful message reaches inside you and wraps its fingers tightly around your soul and tears begin to flow from your eyes, you know you have stopped the world on its axis for just a brief moment, torn away the veil of everyday life and allowed yourself in the stillness of that moment to glimpse the beauty of your humanity .

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