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There is a great Chasm of darkness on each  side of every human conflict. We must be careful not to travel so far to the side of an issue lest we lose sight of truth in the darkness. The only place where peace and love reside is balanced in the center where the light is brightest and we can see both sides clearly in all directions. JLE

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ImageI will pass through this life but once. I will have one opportunity to leave my impression on this world. Each fleeting moment provides an opportunity to leave my stamp on a single place in time , to leave my song, my brand of love, my contribution to mankind, my wisdom, my spark of hope for others, my belief in dreams. My hope is, that these things that matter to me the most, will live on in the lives of those I touch in this life, and leave behind. Reflected in these pages is a sonata of who I am. Writing is a way for me to sing my song, and to record it in time, so that it may take flight for years to come and continue to play on in the hearts of those who have the ears to listen.

Writings by Janet Lynn Carlo Egan

Illustrations: Amanda Cass

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Going With The Flow


I consider myself a driven, goal oriented person who believes in following dreams, and not giving away your power over your own destiny to any mortal being or worldly circumstance. With that being said, by no means does that mean I don’t live daily in the knowledge that despite all my efforts to live my life happy and successful, there are lessons to learn, trials to endure and abundant blessings bestowed upon  me by one, despite all I do, or don’t do.  To some it’s fate, to me its God.   May I never forget to give that credit where it is due.

Writings by Janet Lynn Carlo Egan
Illustrations: Amanda Cass

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Fellow Travelers

If you envision life as a Journey, and I do, you will realize that along the road there will be people who enter your life that are meant to travel with you, some for a short time, others for a long time, some are meant to travel alongside you until you have reached the journeys end in this life. Each fellow traveler has a purpose that matters to you, and one that matters to them in their Journey as well. It’s all meant to be. Sometimes  you are lucky enough to reconnect with a fellow traveler that has gone down a different path somewhere further down the road. It’s just the way the Journey is, and it’s all good.

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First Crush


First Crush


I am remembering a boy, named Gary, Fourth grade. I noticed a crowd forming in the lunchroom and here was the cutest boy standing on top of the lunch table singing I want to hold your hand (Beatles). Some kids came over to me to tell me he was singing to me.  I remember the butterflies and the feeling of walking home from school as if on a cloud. I was told he was going to come by my house with some other friends that day, to say Hi. I remember waiting, looking out the window, primping in the mirror of my Moms vanity as I waited. I remember him coming down my street, and my mom letting me go outside to say hello. Funny I have no memory of what happened after that regarding Gary. I guess the most memorable part was that first time feeling of being noticed by a boy and how special it felt.

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Confessions of a Christmas Geek

Ok I admit it, I’m a Christmas Geek.

I listen to Christmas music ONLY from the week of Thanksgiving on.

I wear Cheesy Christmas sweaters and Jewelry proudly, and,  I wear Christmas pajamas often in Dec and  Christmas socks. I WEAR Santa Hats and YES reindeer ears { and I’m not 11 }

I decorate everything in a Christmas theme, from my house, to my desktop screen saver, to my Facebook page, to my Car.

I post Christmas quotes, poems, videos, music daily on my Facebook page.

I use Christmas themed workout music when I teach my exercise classes. I’ve been know to decorate my spin Bike and wear a red Hat to teach class.

I take the photos of my Grandkids and impose Santa Hats on them, make a Christmas themed photo montage,  and I must Jib Jab at least once every season.

I use my Christmas dishes for every meal in December and I will drink my coffee only out of Christmas mugs whenever possible.

I have social events , Christmas tea luncheons , complete with Christmas China, holiday teas and tea sandwiches shaped like Christmas trees. I have several Christmas dinner parties for friends and neighbors during December.

I go to Starbucks more often just to look at their Christmas merchandise and drink their festive coffees out of festive cups.

I will read only Christmas themes stories and books in December.

I will watch just about every movie with a Christmas theme, no matter how cheesy and I cry over most of them, including …”It’s a wonderful life” on Christmas Eve and “A Christmas Story Marathon” on Christmas Day .

I search out and attend, dressed in festive attire, any community theater Christmas play, church concert or pageant I can find in my area in Dec.

I play Yule log or snow scenes videos on my TV with Background Christmas music when I have company ALL of December

I love the Malls not necessarily to shop but just to be there.

I must bake cookies even if I plan not to eat them.

And this just scratches the surface…..

Some may laugh and mock me but I don’t care. This is the happiest season of the year for me.  I find I hug more, love more, appreciate my family more, smile more, sing more, give more. This is magical to me.   It’s about the spirit.  The spirit of God and the spirit of man.  It seems to me in some magical way God reaches down and ignites a spark in us that makes us suddenly more aware of the things that truly matter.  Love , Peace, Joy and Good Will.  Centered around an ancient, yet still, very much alive celebration of Christ’s Birth, he communicates to the world by bringing us  a bit closer to where he truly intended us to be. True, many are oblivious to this, many see it differently, but it does not stop it from happening year after year. Despite the various beliefs attitudes and behaviors of mankind, As the Grinch learned,

“It came with out ribbons! It came without tags!

It came without packages, boxes or bags!

 And he puzzled three hours, till his puzzler was sore.

Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn’t before!

Maybe Christmas he thought doesn’t come from a store.

Maybe Christmas…perhaps…means a little bit more!”


So to my fellow Christmas Geeks out there, Unite !! Stand Proud !! And Celebrate

Merry Christmas Everyone !!!


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The Detour

The following is a satire. A creative writing class assignment I was given in 1998. It was not meant to make fun of any one particular person or group of people. Though based in partially true life experience of my own, names have been changed and personalities and situations are grossly exaggerated in order to create the satirical humor intended.

The Detour

By Janet Lynn Carlo

Originally Written, November 4, 1998

I remember trying to maneuver my car through the road construction leading on to the highway with one hand. The other was applying lipstick and checking my hair in the mirror. At the same time I kept glancing at the directions scribbled on the paper lying on the passenger seat. I kept thinking, “I hope I find this place. I still don’t know my way around this God forsaken Island. Maybe if I were able to get North, South, East and west straight I would do better.

Its funny how life is the most amazing Journey There are detours we must sometimes take on our course to fulfillment in life. My pilgrimage has been challenging. It has sometimes been pleasant and other times turbulent. Yet I would like to reflect on a rather humorous detour in my recent travels.

I am particularly thinking back a little more than a year ago.  In my car now, I can remember thinking “Oh! There’s the exit. Now what street is this place on?” I could not believe I was going to one of those Lonely Hearts Club Dances. “Maybe it should be called, Someone’s Tossed Aside Garbage, (STAG) Anonymous,” I thought.  In that case I would have joined a year prior. But I was doing better now. I didn’t want to sit around feeling sorry for myself. I just wanted to have some fun and make some friends.

As I pulled up to the Bar Is sat there staring. This is a dance, “I thought, “Am I actually going to dance? When was the last time I danced? At Aunt Gloria’s wedding with the kids?” I got out of the car and smoothed my outfit which was from K-MART’s Jacklyn Smith line. It was the best I could do at the time on my budget. “When was the last time I got dressed up?”  I pondered. As I approached the door my stomach felt like birds flying south for the winter. When I entered, two crusty ladies smiled behind make-up that I thought would crack their faces. “Hi! Welcome!  Are you a newcomer?  Do you have your ID card?”  They eagerly spoke. “Yes” I said reluctantly as I produced my papers and my five dollars. “Only members are allowed at these functions,” I thought. “At least it’s a safe environment.”  I gazed around the large room and dance floor adjoining the bar off to the left. It appeared to be the biggest collection of misfits I had ever encountered. I thought “oh well, here goes”. I’m going to give this a shot and hope to make some friends.”

The hours to follow were entertaining. Eventually I met a few people and merely rubbed elbows with a few others. First there was Cowboy Jim. He was 7 feet tall and missing his front teeth. He was quite a sight donning hat 10 gallon hat and boots to match. His story was that his wife had left him for his mother. He asked me to dance and I reluctantly accepted thinking, “ Oh God, is this the best I will be able to do?” Or worse yet, “does he really think I’m too fat and is just dancing with me to be polite?” Then, there was paralyzed Pete. He stood in one spot all night, arms glued across his chest as if to protect himself form intruders. I watched him grow roots under his feet and into the wooden floor, his eyes wide in terror as women asked him to dance and he chanted repeatedly, “I’m not ready, I’m not ready.”

As the evening wore on I attempted conversation, dared to dance a little and sipped my one glass of white Zinfandel, all the while thinking to myself, “Could I really make friends among this group?” As I looked around I saw an unusual bunch, all basically looking for the same thing. A sense of belonging and possibly someone to relieve the loneliness.  Above all, a place to go where others could relate to them and the baggage they carried. Without a doubt, baggage was a staple of everyone’s wardrobe.

Consequently, I was to spend a lot of time with this group of people. Aside from the dances were the rap sessions where everyone put his or her baggage on display for everyone else to review and compare. I sat through a few of these, keeping silent with no desire to participate. I listened to Bitter Betty  betrayed an battered, as she told her sordid tale of her grotesque Ex who beat her heart to a pulp and ate it for lunch. I also had a sad story but had no desire to be a prisoner of my past. I was finished drowning in a sea of pity like most others at these Ex-Bashing sessions.

In addition, there was the Lonely Hearts Club Extension Gang, the characters I began to hang around with after and aside from the organized activities of the club. These are a group of people I will call the traveling club hoppers. These guys were serious partner seekers who realized that finding their soul mate was not happening through the Lonely Hearts Club. They preferred to dip their toes in the sea of sensual sensations at the local dens of iniquity, Alias THE CLUBS. They sought out and kept each other well informed of all the spots that offered a 40 and older night, since all of us were over 40. We met at these  places and boosted our egos among the endless bodies of  Teasing  Terrys and Tactless Toms. Yet we all knew we were not going to meet our soul mates here either. I enjoyed watching some characters from our crowd at these places.. For instance there was Vicious Vicki who gave a whole new meaning to the phrase, a mouth like a sewer.” When listening to her talk one day I thought I saw rats running off her tongue holding their ears. She would stand alongside the dance floor gyrating to the music , skintight dress, cleavage pushed up to her neck below the angriest face I ever saw. It said “I dare any man to ask me to dance , I’ll kick his ass”. She wondered why no one ever approached her. Then there was Plastic Pete her sidekick. He never left the dance floor, but never looked anyone in the eye either. As someone I know put it, he was in love with himself.  He strutted around like a peacock spreading his feathers, his fake smiling face pulled up too high from numerous lifts. He looked like a mannequin. Another regular couple near and dear to my heart, were Deranged Diane and Stammering Sam. Diane never looked you in the eye either. Her eyes rolled around the room and back into her head an average of three times for every five minute conversation with her. Stammering Sam was a fun loving guy with a good sense of humor, if  you had an hour to listen to him tell a joke. They were a couple, sort of, depending on which one you asked on which day.

They were a peculiar group, to say the least. If the truth be known, I am probably better off having known them. As strange a crowd as they were, knowing them gave me the courage to come out of my comfort zone. As I stood in these night spots every night of the week I would ask myself, what am I doing here, acting like a teenager at my age?  However these people gave me a sense of belonging.  As far removed as I felt from some of them, they were the only friends I had, and I will remember them fondly for that. And strangely enough, out of this group, emerged a few not mentioned people who are now a significant part of my life. They were the few with whom I was able to connect in a way that people do when they discover through casual friendships, that they share some kind of common bond in their personalities and a relationship is born.

My own experience in the single world the second time around was an educational one. I learned how to weed through  Lying Larrys and Big Talk Bobs. I graduated from dancing with men who made my tummy turn because I thought I had to out of politeness, to saying, no thanks. I learned how to walk through the crowd of Gawking Garys within an inch of touching strange flesh without my skin crawling. My life has balanced out now and the Lonely Hearts Club was a brief detour down a road that now lies behind me.  Nevertheless, I will always cherish these memories. I will surely recall them when I need a chuckle to lift my spirits.

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I believe I can fly

Anyone who knows me will tell you I have a fascination with Birds and Butterflies. It’s reflected everywhere from my home décor to the jewelry I wear. It is not only the beauty of these creatures of nature that enthralls me but the fact that they have the ability to fly.
From a little girl I have had this memory of flying, in a dream, an imagining or a recollection of an actual event, I do not know. I have never been sure since I have been old enough to really think about it whether or not it actually happened but I do remember recalling the event in my mind year after year as if it actually did. I also remember recalling that this happened on more than one occasion in my childhood. The memory is of me deciding, as if I knew I had done it before, to lift myself off the floor in my home and float to just under the ceiling where I could soar around the room. The memory has always been so vivid but I have no recollection of when this event first actually took place, only that it did. I remember in my childhood pondering it in my heart and telling no one as if it were some special secret I held. Only when I was an adult did I tell anyone about it. As my life has gone on it has become more and more a distant memory of something left somewhere in my childhood. As an adult not only have I developed a love of flying creatures but of similar sensations as well. I have always loved roller coasters, parasailing, bungee jumping all of which I have tried and loved. I have great desire to experience hang gliding and a hot air balloon as well in my lifetime.
What is also interesting to note are the things that symbolically identify me as a person, such as needing to feel free to make choices that affect my life, not trapped or cooped up in any situation. I love to take leaps and risks and try and see new things all the time. I am not hesitant to take on something just because others may consider it impossible. I do believe that almost anything is possible if we want it bad enough. Spreading my wings and flying can be a metaphor used for a lot of ways in which I live my life.
Somewhere deep down in my heart I do believe I can fly.





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The majority of the things we waste our life worrying about never happen.

Fear paralyzes people from living life to the fullest.

You can become whoever you want to be if you first understand who you are.

People, no matter who, will at some point in your life disappoint you, learn to forgive.

People who are angry inside become ugly on the outside.

Love is at the center of all things good.

Faith is what enables you to walk on when you cannot see the road in front of you.

Good relationships require maintenance but are worth the effort.

Your children will  become who you believe they are.

Among the gravest illnesses, are self pity, self absorption, self loathing.

Women need women friends, it’s fundamental.

Healthy in love means giving your heart completely to someone without losing yourself in the process.

Understanding your worth prevents abuse and mistreatment by others.

Bitter people are their own jailors.

Dreams breed hope,  hope gives us  purpose.

If you never make an effort to change what you don’t like, you will miss a thousand opportunities to improve your life.

The only person I trust myself to completely is God.

Failure is made up of a lot of I can’ts.

Intentions may mean something but they accomplish nothing, action accomplishes.

We make mistakes, we can learn from them or repeat them. It determines whether we walk further down the path of life or spend our lives walking in circles.


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