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Twin Flame

You are a light

That splits the air

You shine on me

In moments fair


I breathe you in

You breathe me out

I hear your song

When tides roll out


I sing the words

You sing the tune

When tides roll in

Beneath the moon


A thousand years

A moments time

It matters not

Your light is mine


The days affairs

And life’s desires

All melt away

Within our eyes


My essence is

Your essence true

Twin flames are we

For I am you


By JLE, 6/30/17


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Inner Peace

The snow fell quietly on the little hill with the softness of swan feathers, blanketing the ground around the tiny log cabin. Wispy drifts cascaded down the roof and gathered around the windowsills as if to cradle the tiny abode in tender winter love. The stillness was almost deafening, and it brought a peace that would calm even the most restless of souls. The chilly air was so unblemished that nothing could linger in it that was not pure and fresh and new. As I began approaching the cabin, every crunching step a stark contrast to the silence echoed into the night air. I sensed a heightened awareness of the contradiction of the cold snowy night outside, and the warm glow radiating from the windows. The impression was rivaled in its brilliance only by the stars that studded the inky black sky above me, and the immense full moon that hovered above it all, making everything else in the scene seem small. I lingered, taking in the symmetry. Dark and light, quiet and sound, cold and warm, exposure and shelter, immense and small. There in the balance, was inner peace.

Janet Lynn Egan

Winter 2015

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Colors and Contrasts

I always used to grapple with the answer to this question. What is your favorite color? I always hated that question because coming up with an answer is like a task to me. I cannot, no matter how hard I try come up with just one answer. Truth is. I love color. All color, and never has any one single color remained my favorite for long. I have a preference to certain colors and shades from time to time, depending on a variety of factors. My mood, the time of year. Am I wearing the color ? Decorating my house with it ? But to name one favorite ? Cannot do it.

I love it ! In all it’s glorious forms. Contrasting sights, sounds, smells and tastes. Black on white, crunchy and mushy, sweet and salty, Hot and cold, loud and soft.
I like crunchy nuts in my creamy oatmeal and cold ice cream on my hot fruit pie.
I like to sleep in a chilly room with a cozy warm blanket or out on cold night in front of a warm fire. I like a cold frozen snow scene with the glow of warmth and life in the windows of a home.
I love the Twilight time of day, when the trees and buildings look pitch black against a sky that is still lit by the sun set over the horizon.

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Winter Fairies


They Fly on wings of paper thin ice,

that sparkle in the blue glow of moonlight.

Swift and free they fly at night.

In frosty flights,  their tinkling songs of pure delight,

crystal clear, clean and pure and bright,

but only on a winter’s night.

BY: Janet Lynn Egan

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In summer, I slumber. Hibernate, rest and renew. My soul takes a vacation as long hot summer days drag on, I slumber. In Autumn, I awake. Energy abounds as it blows open my windows and doors. Inspiration and creativity waft through my mind on cool crisp autumn breezes . As colors burst across the canvas of my days my soul sings with the pure joy of living. My heart communes with nature. The sights, the sounds, the smells all invigorate me. I cannot get enough. I am smitten, in love with the world around me. Grateful for living in such a beautiful place, in Autumn, I was born, in Autumn I am my best self.

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Going With The Flow


I consider myself a driven, goal oriented person who believes in following dreams, and not giving away your power over your own destiny to any mortal being or worldly circumstance. With that being said, by no means does that mean I don’t live daily in the knowledge that despite all my efforts to live my life happy and successful, there are lessons to learn, trials to endure and abundant blessings bestowed upon  me by one, despite all I do, or don’t do.  To some it’s fate, to me its God.   May I never forget to give that credit where it is due.

Writings by Janet Lynn Carlo Egan
Illustrations: Amanda Cass

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If I sit among the flowers I can become one for just one fleeting moment.

If I observe  butterflies in flight , I can fly among them for a brief second.  

If I look to the heavens and watch the clouds floating by I can rest atop one and float away.

 May I never be remiss in seizing the fleeting moments in time that allow me to let my imagination soar beyond the restraints of this earthly existence.  

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I look intently at the road ahead of me with my EYES and I SEE no finish line, so I press on understanding that this stage of life is not about the arrival but about the journey.

I look intently at the road ahead of me with my HEART and I FEEL no finish line, so I press on understanding that all my happiness lies in the journey, not in the arrival.

I look intently at the road ahead of me with my SOUL, and I KNOW no finish line, so I press on understanding my soul is immortal.


        Vision of the EYES, the HEART and the SOUL.


                         NEVER GIVE UP !!

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The Journeys of my life, I look upon with fond remembrance, no matter how difficult the course may have been. For they taught me how to press on. The bends in the road were learning curves. The obstacles , stepping stones. The hills taught me how to endure and believe in myself. The mountains taught me how to let God carry me for a while, and when I reached the tops and there appeared to be no path to lead me to the other side, I learned how to fly. Without difficulty there can be no growth. Without a challenge there can be no glory. Without the spirit to try there can be no journeys. For me, to live a life stuck in one place without the journeys would be death.


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