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Inner Peace

The snow fell quietly on the little hill with the softness of swan feathers, blanketing the ground around the tiny log cabin. Wispy drifts cascaded down the roof and gathered around the windowsills as if to cradle the tiny abode in tender winter love. The stillness was almost deafening, and it brought a peace that would calm even the most restless of souls. The chilly air was so unblemished that nothing could linger in it that was not pure and fresh and new. As I began approaching the cabin, every crunching step a stark contrast to the silence echoed into the night air. I sensed a heightened awareness of the contradiction of the cold snowy night outside, and the warm glow radiating from the windows. The impression was rivaled in its brilliance only by the stars that studded the inky black sky above me, and the immense full moon that hovered above it all, making everything else in the scene seem small. I lingered, taking in the symmetry. Dark and light, quiet and sound, cold and warm, exposure and shelter, immense and small. There in the balance, was inner peace.

Janet Lynn Egan

Winter 2015

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