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Sitting in the quiet early morning, I reflect upon another Thanksgiving day on this journey that is my life . Gratitude is one of the essential outlooks that never fails me, so I cherish my ability to see life through this lense . I can’t imagine the loss of my ability to view life as a blessing, even with all its imperfections . I don’t know how people live that way . I am sad for them . As for me , I’ll take it all . Illness and injury, loss and grief , pain and sorrow, for I know there’s nothing I will ever have to bear that God won’t carry me through . And amidst the hardship , there’s love, and hope, and inner peace, and there’s nature, music, art, laughter, sunrise’s and sunsets, stars and night skies. There’s family, my devoted husband, our beautiful children, grandchildren , friends, neighbors, The birds, the trees , all of God’s creatures. Snuggles with my devoted pets. There are the children playing outside my door, strangers smiling and lending a helping hand, there’s charity and goodness still alive in the human heart . There are hugs and kisses . There are babies. There’s holiday and birthday celebrations, there are ladies lunches , and coffee clutches and oh did I mention dessert ? There’s cozy moments by a warm fire , There are books , there is imagination, there is the ocean , the mountains , and there is travel . I could go on with a list of things . But What I’m really thankful for this Thanksgiving Is gratitude itself, and the power to feel it .

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