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Free spirit

If you don’t ask me about myself,
you will be confused.
But don’t try to figure me out on your own.
You will likely end up being wrong and misunderstanding me .
No matter how good you may be at reading and assessing people,
I’m a challenge .
Just when you think you know how I would react to something,
I will surprise you.
Just when you set your expectations high of me,
I may disappoint you.
Just when you set them low,
I will rise to the occasion and amaze you.
Just when you have me molded into your perspective of who I am,
I will do or say something that breaks the mold.
Just when you’ve printed the label and placed it on me,
I will rip it off.
Just when you look for me marching one way with the crowd,
you will find me marching in the opposite direction, perhaps with a different crowd, perhaps alone .
Yes I’m complicated .
But I’m bendable not breakable .
I’m adaptable not rigid.
I’m open minded not close minded.
I am always changing,
I am ever growing,
I am a free spirit

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Morning thoughts

I was reading a post from someone reflecting about their creative Mom back in the fifties, when money was tight, creating things for their home out of other’s trash and discarded items.
It brought my memory back to the 1970s and early 80s whe my kids were little and I was trying to decorate our humble apartment for the seasons . For a few years things were very, very tight and there were no trips to Michaels or Hobby Lobby for those kinds of frivolous things .
Instead there were trips down the street to the waterside for shells, starfish and driftwood to make summer decor . Trips into the woods behind our house to collect pine cones, acorns , bare tree branches , for fall and winter decor .
One particular memory I know my girls have is getting in the car to drive down to a local state park by the waterside where big shoots of pampous grass , (sea grass , sea oats) were abundant. Better known by our silly name of “woogies” as we called them . We would cut them down and put them in vases . God knows the bugs I probably brought into my house but, we lit some old fashioned oil lamps (for ambiance, we did have electricity) 😂😂, and our home was cozy. ❤️

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For me the Pause is prayer, so is the moment of silence, the bowed head, the focus on our breathing, the stirring of gratitude deep inside of us, the reflection on the miracle of life, the beauty of nature and oh so many more moments like that. Yes, we can talk to God with our words, but he does not “NEED” our words to hear our prayers. He knows us from the depths of our souls.

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