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On Love and Hate

I will never forget a story I once heard from a street preacher . He told of his experience on the streets of the most dangerous areas of NYC , telling people that God loved them, and an encounter with a young gang member who threatened his life with a knife if he didn’t take his message elsewhere. He told how he looked that young man straight in the eye and said: “ you can cut me into 100 pieces, and every single one of those pieces will still cry out from the pavement , that God loves you . That impacted me so much . If it’s “God loves you” or “I love you” the idea is the same . Can humans perfect this ? No, not until we reach a higher spiritual level than most of the human race is currently at . Few people have walked the earth to this day that could lay claim to real unconditional love, Jesus of Nazareth being one of them, but this kind of love is and should be the Gold standard we hold up, and every day we fail at it we can get back up and try again . Humans need more love, but first humans need more humility, to realize we all contribute the the problem . The hypocrisy of the day astounds me. It makes me realize just how primitive we still are. I sometimes feel when I step way back the human race resembles one big giant narcissist. Sure there are lots of truly loving caring souls out there. But isn’t one whole greater than the sum of its parts. Then wouldnt the whole problem be greater than the sum of its parts. Until we look within ourselves not outside of ourselves  to conquer the hatred we will spin around and around in the same whirlpool. 

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