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I believe there is no shame in being patriotic and proud of your country, though no country is perfect, this is mine, and I stand for my flag , and show respect for our leaders .

I think politics is a nasty business and a constant struggle for power, therefore corruption will always exist on all sides so long as the human ego is involved .

I do not trust the modern mainstream media . Political interests have spoiled fair factual and unbiased journalism which is sadly a thing of the past .

I believe in listening to all sides of an issue with an open mind and drawing my own conclusions, not jumping on bandwagons and always running with the crowd .

I think our emotions are our biggest deterrent to making informed decisions as to where we stand on an issue, what and who we believe, and whom we support or don’t . If we find ourselves highly emotional, we are not thinking clearly . It’s the basis of hate, bias anger and bigotry .

Speaking of bigotry, it is a tangled web that is not one directional but runs in all directions, and we all must work toward conquering our own personal prejudices, because it is an element of the flawed human condition, to fear what is different and unfamiliar.

Though I don’t always understand the lifestyles of others, I do believe we should all be free to live, marry or blend our lives with anyone we choose regardless of race, religion, cultural background or gender .

I believe in women’s rights in all areas, however, I am Pro- life when it comes to the unborn child . Not because I don’t support a woman’s right to chose what to do with her body, but because I believe an unborn child is a separate life from that body who has rights as well . Firstly the right to life .

I believe in the second amendment, and the preservation of our right to bear arms, but I also believe there is no need for the average citizen to have assault type weapons. Especially if the freedom of citizens to own one, is posing a threat to the innocents in our society.

I always am postured in support of the helpers and protectors in our society. Law enforcement, our military, first responders. Humans are flawed, there will always be bad actors and those who fail to uphold their responsibility. It does not change my respect and reverence for those who are willing to risk their lives and safety to protect the innocents.

I love that America is a country of immigrants. I am the offspring of immigrants . I am proud of my ancestors who came here for a better life . I am also proud that their contribution and devotion to this country helped make it an awesome nation. I believe this is what immigrating here should be. Done legally, with the desire to contribute to and embrace the values of a nation others come to because of the love they have for it . Coming to America should equal the desire to be American. Not forgetting our heritage, but embracing our new one with pride and teaching our children who are born here to honor and respect it . In a perfect world, I can visualize a border- less planet . But this is not a perfect world, and if we want to preserve our freedom and our way of life, borders are necessary and a legal process to come here is critical .

I think each citizen of this nation has a responsibility to do his best to make his own way in life . To provide for himself, his/her family , to contribute something to society.

I don’t believe anyone is responsible for my success but me. I think all citizens should have equal access to the tools needed and opportunities to succeed in life but it is up to each and every one of us to avail ourselves of those opportunities and strive toward that success, and if we fail to, we are not owed anything by anyone. However I do believe we all have a moral responsibility to help others in need. Charity should mostly come from our neighbors communities and churches. Not regulated by government . Governments should govern. Not dictate our morals .

Moral codes have its roots in the human’s belief in accountability to a higher power, or our creator . This is faith .

I believe Faith is personal. Each person should honor and respect the faith of others and government should not interfere or make laws attempting to restrict, control or discredit the faiths of its citizens or the practice thereof . So long as that faith does not require one to do harm to, or infringe upon the freedom of others to practice their beliefs accordingly .

I do not believe any race , or group of people should be held accountable for the injustices of our forefathers. Every race, nationality, religion, cultural group, every generation, has faced hardship, injustice, suffering at the hands of others because of the flawed human condition . The healing comes through Love, Forgiveness, Moving forward and not repeating mistakes of the past .

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