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This week throngs of young people will walk across a stage to accept their diploma’s as they graduate from high school and enter in the world that calls them adults, going off to college or to work or whatever their destiny calls for. This Grandmother is celebrating the accomplishment of one particular young man this week. For this young man was born on January 23 in the year 2000 into what society might consider a,  “not so ideal” family circumstance. Born of a young single Mom, you would assume his life challenges began right there. But this young man was one of the lucky ones. For His Mom was a young woman of strength and resilience. A product of a line of strong and resilient women as her own Mother and Grandmother were, including her older sister who were all there to welcome this young man into the world. Yes, the early years were faced with challenges and sometimes hardship but his Mom’s selfless and undying love for him was no match for any of life hurdles they had to face. And then as luck would have it, or as was destined from the beginning, however you want to look at it, his Mom met someone who would be an intricate part of what the future would hold for him. A man who was truly one of a kind, and with careful thought and consideration his Mom welcomed him into their lives and allowed him to step into the role of Dad. Yes I say again , he was one of the lucky ones. Because he couldn’t have had a better team to raise him to adulthood. Their tireless efforts, and love and devotion to his success clearly became evident as he grew up in every aspect of his life. And today, the young man, son, big brother, he has become is the fruit of the efforts of his parents, family, support system and all those who know and love him. We are proud, but we are also eternally grateful for those who have poured themselves into the life of this young adult. His Mom, My daughter, can rest her head on her pillow this week knowing she has done her job as a mother, and then some. We can all be reminded in gratitude to my late Son In Law Jerry, for the selfless efforts, love and support and fatherly wisdom he imparted. He could not have asked for a better  example of a good man and productive member of society.  Godspeed into adulthood my dear Grandson Tyler James. We can’t wait to see what life holds for you. You are truly one of the lucky ones.

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