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So a few weeks ago, Mommy tells me we are going over my other Mommy Danielle’s house. I love going there, When she tells me I just can’t stop running and jumping all around. I love to see my Jay and Tyler. So this one day we go over in the car and when we walk in her front door, as I am wondering why Mom is carrying me in this time, it hits me. I smell it right away. There is another dog in this house. What’s happening !! I think to myself, are they OK ?, do I have to hurt somebody ? I start trying to wiggle out of Mommy’s arms as we walk into the living room and there he is. Sitting in my old crate no less. He’s smaller than me, but not by much, and he is black and white like that energizer bunny that lives next door, Sophie. Great another puppy. And I am sure this one will want me to play too. But Wait, I hope I am still their favorite. So all my loving human parents start soothing me and telling me to meet Marley. He comes out and naturally heads right for me. We circle around smelling butts, ok not bad so far. They let us out in the yard right away, and I start marking all my spots. This guy has got to know I am still chief around her. He pees, I pee on top of it, he pees again and I pee again. Then I think, I’ll show him, I will poop over here. Game over. So he is of course more energetic than me. But a little more laid back than Sophie. He tries to play and I give him a few half hearted playful gestures in return. Don’t get me wrong I am not an old dog. I am only four. And I certainly don’t lack energy of my own. I can run like the wind, and love playing games with my humans. I just don’t have a lot of experience playing with other dogs especially puppies who don’t know the rules. Ya know personal space ? I have the same problem with tiny humans. I don’t like being trapped or cornered and don’t like my head and face probed. So Marley doesn’t do much of that , and when he does go there, I give him my growl and he lays down. Ok I think I can live with this. But I gotta tell you, he’s got a fascination for some strange things. In the yard he likes to dig everything. And he’s got these giant paws. I don’t like to get dirt in my tiny paws, I don’t get how he likes doing that. And he eats everything. Sticks, dirt, rocks, mulch. Blaah. I mean I like chewing on a good stick sometimes but I don’t swallow them. He eats grass too. That I can relate to, I like a good yard salad once in awhile. And this puppy sure loves toys. He’s got a ton of them all over the floor. I just walk by and give them the side eye, yea I have a ton of those too big deal. Umm excuse me ? That is my bed you are laying in At Mommy Danielle’s. Ok whatever. Then he comes to my house one day. I have a basket of toys and you would think he was a pup in doggie treat store. He pulls them all out all over and starts acting like he never saw toys before. Sigh. Kids. And my kibble dish is always on the floor next to my water dish. He heads right for it and eats the whole bowl. As for me it can sit there for days. I would rather wait for Mom to sit on the couch and hand feed it to me. He can eat it, there is always more in the closet. We spend a lot of time outside when we visit because everyone is always asking if he has to go potty and hovering over him. What’s up with that ? Well all in all Marley is not too bad. We had a few nice naps together. Well together sort of. I certainly am not into spooning with him but I will share Mommy Danielle’s couch with him . I can tell Mommy Danielle and Jay love me just the same even with Marley around. Tyler comes home to meet him tonight. I know it will make his face smile and that makes me happy. I missed Tyler while he was in California. I sure hope he will still play chase with me now that Marley is around.

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Let’s talk about this Puppy thing. First, two of my favorite humans, Mr Jim and Miss Nancy one day bring over to my yard this tiny furry thing named Sophie. It was fun to sniff her and run around a little with her but after about one spin around the yard, I am pretty much done. Well she is never done. She chased me until my lungs were about to burst so I had to retreat on Daddy’s lap, thank God she couldn’t jump up. So I thought that was it. Then she comes again and again and I realize she lives with them. Wait, What ? Now how am I supposed to go over to their house and nap with Mr. Jim or snuggle on Miss Nancy’s lap without being chased until I collapse ? I love to run to Mr. Jim when he comes outside and jump up on his lap when he sits and talks with Daddy, but now when he comes out he usually has that furry wiggle worm on the end of a leash. Thankfully Mr Jim and Miss Nancy’s love for me is so strong I know I am still their “sweet boy” as Miss Nancy calls me. So lately they don’t bring Sophie over or Daddy and Mr Jim talk over the fence and Sophie stays on the other side. Because Sophie’s body is getting bigger but her energy is not slowing down. Last few times she was over, it did not go so well. She is now able to catch me and she likes to nip and claw at my face. Mommy and Daddy tell me she is only trying to play with me and doesn’t understand yet that I don’t like that. I tried to tell her over and over by growling and putting her down on the ground but she just keeps coming back for more. Mommy and Daddy are afraid I’m going to hurt her, but truthfully I think she can take me. Oh and worst thing, if I jump up on a chair or daddy’s lap she can now jump up there two. Then I am trapped between her and Daddy and that’s a very dangerous situation. I can’t help myself when it comes to protecting Dad. So I am trying to be patient. I do like to have friends to play with but this puppy thing is too much for me. They keep saying as Sophie grows up we will become more compatible. Can’t wait for that. Just when I begin to accept that Sophie lives next Door, Into my life comes Marley. I will post later about that story.


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Twin Flame

You are a light

That splits the air

You shine on me

In moments fair


I breathe you in

You breathe me out

I hear your song

When tides roll out


I sing the words

You sing the tune

When tides roll in

Beneath the moon


A thousand years

A moments time

It matters not

Your light is mine


The days affairs

And life’s desires

All melt away

Within our eyes


My essence is

Your essence true

Twin flames are we

For I am you


By JLE, 6/30/17


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I head over to her house to share in her excitement over a new thing being accomplished in her new home.

I just left her smiling with excitement in a text.

I walk in her door and my smile quickly fadeds finding her crumpled on the living room floor in tears.

A box half unpacked and his frequently used shoes spread out in front of her.

There are no words, only arms that hold and tears that flow.

She tied those shoes for him frequently in those last days when his legs were swollen with edema and he couldn’t tie them himself.

Grief is a monster.


Written June 2017

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We want you to know that we have your loves safely and securely wrapped in our loving arms. We are looking out for them and we are doing our best to comfort them over losing you. We will never be able to fill the hole that your absence has left in their hearts but we hope that being here to cry tears along with them helps them to feel a little less alone. You would be so proud of Tyler. He has been such a man through all of this. In the midst of his own personal grief that he keeps pretty private, he has shown such support and loyalty to his young brother and his Mom. His integrity is a testament to the Father you were to him. And Jay is a little mini you in so many ways. We see you in everything he does and says. He is your legacy. Danielle looks for you in every sunset and listens for your voice in the wind. She longs for you to visit her in her dreams. Her pain is great but we believe in time she will be able to feel you comforting her from where you are and reassuring her that you have not left her , really. Though she cannot see, touch or hear you,we know your spirit, all that made you who you are, lives on, in the hearts and minds of the ones you loved, those that loved you and were impacted by your life here on earth. I just wanted you to know we are taking care of them for you. Rest In Sweet Peace, Jerry. In God’s loving care.

Janet and Keith (Mom and Dad)

Written April 7, 2017

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If I accomplish one thing in this life I want it to be that I have left a positive message behind for my Grandchildren to take into the future world. Then I will not have learned the things I have learned in this life in vain. And hopefully your children and Grandchildren will grow up in a world that is a better place. So here are some things I think your generation needs to hear.

Don’t dismiss the wisdom of your elders, as irrelevant for the current times. They have much to teach your generation about lost virtues such as gratefulness, humility, and kindheartedness. Before you take a stand on something , educate yourself fully on what you are standing against or for lest you follow the path of fools. Your generation has limitless voices at your fingertips, telling you what to think and believe.  Most of them have an agenda. Blindly trust no one. Look at an issue from all sides, look behind the curtain and in every nook and cranny in your search for the truth. Stay of off the bandwagons of others. Travel your own journey and never follow mobs.  Do you feel you have a message for the world ?   Write a book, or make music, paint your message, but ultimately live your message before the eyes of others. Actions speak louder than words. It’s a lie that you must always yell to be heard. Sometimes the loudest voices are ones that are ignored because they deafen the hearer.  Look in the face of injustices and ask yourself how you may have contributed to it before you point fingers at others, then seek to be the first to turn it around in a better direction.  Take responsibility for your own mistakes, and never blame them on others or make excuses for them. Remember no one owes you anything.  Avoid victim mentality like the plague. It’s a prison. You will feel trapped  your entire life. Forgive, Forgive, Forgive. It frees your soul. Don’t allow yourself to become bitter or angry over the mistakes of past generations. Seek to learn lessons from your history and become a part of the solution, not part of the problem. Always spread love, not hate. Even when it is hate itself you are opposing. For returning hate with hate always multiplies it. Reject destruction of people and things, rather be a builder. Remember the world needs more peacemakers. Be a peacemaker, a helper, to the weak, the child and the animal world.

Finally do not neglect your spirit and your attention to spiritual things. You are more than a body and intellect. Every day, look up at the sky. Open your eyes and really look, you won’t regret it.  Look closer at the animals.  Don’t just take for granted that you live among them. There is a reason. Observe their behaviors. There is much to learn from them.  Live in Harmony with Nature, breathe it in, spent time observing and studying it, for there lies all the beauty and the secrets of your existence. You will never feel lost.

















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