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Thanksgiving 2016

I am Thankful:
For life. That I get to open my eyes every morning and see the sun rise and set on another day.
For beauty. That is all around me in both visible ways, and in ways that can only be felt with the soul.
For love, That redeems, that heals, that binds and conquers, in a world that is not always good.
For people: Who support me, who share my life, who teach me, who inspire me. My husband, My children and Grandchildren, My parents and extended family. My Friends and fellow travelers on this Journey that is my life.
For hope, that has been with me for as long as I can remember. That no matter what dark clouds envelope me, the crack of light can always be seen in the distance, and rainbows exist somewhere beyond the fear and pain.
For my creator, who gave and sustains my life, who has numbered my days and knows my destiny, who assures me with every breathe I take that I am not, and will never be alone, and that I am loved unconditionally.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone !

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