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Never Forget


I was just settling down to start my workday as a property manager for a Long Island Rental Community. The Office manager was standing in her office with the TV on when my coworkers began wandering in to see what was going on. We shuffled around in shock over the next few hours, solemnly trying to do our work for the day and at the same time absorb what was happening. Needing to connect with those closest to me, as others did, I called them one by one, even though I knew they were not near the Twin Towers, nevertheless I needed to talk to them. First Keith at work , who was in Queens and was able to tell me what he and his coworkers could see from the rooftop of their building. Then my children and extended family and friends, checking to see if anyone had been in the vicinity and in danger. This was happening in My city. I was a New Yorker. A native, born and raised. I worked at that location in my younger years. I remember watching the towers being built. Later that day I hosted a coworker of Keith’s in my home overnight who could not get home to his own family. Delayed, stuck somewhere and displaced as so many were that day. I remember being glued to the TV all evening. And the next day and the next. But as things like this often are, it was surreal and it took time for the full impact of what had happened to sink in. Every year since then, I watch the documentaries, the factual accounts of that fateful day, the personal stories of the first responders who survived and of those who perished, those who saw the towers fall first hand right in front of their eyes, those who heard a few desperate last words from loved ones on the highjacked flights , and on and on. Every year I learn more about that day. Every year I try to understand why we live in a world where human life is worthless to some people. Every year I cry, and every year I remember, to “NEVER FORGET”.

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