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I had a dream  the other day,
When all reality fell away.
All those I hold dear in the here and now,
were fading into the background somehow .
Not awake, not asleep, yet a clear state of mind,
I journeyed, another place, another time.
A thousand years from now yet a thousand years ago,
as time had no meaning, this I did know.
In my heart there was singing, but all the notes were not there.
Half were missing inside, yet they hung in the air.
As I knew I had done in lifetimes before,
I fled to the earth’s magnificent shore.
And there in the moonlight as it shone on the sand,
stood the singer of my heart song holding out his hand .
As I took it, the earth began it’s great symphony,
and our souls sang in perfect harmony.
And we walked and sang to the ocean wave song ,
for or 1000 years or forever long.

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