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Sometimes childhood memories are just fragments of actual events. Sometimes they change through the years, are out of order, or exaggerated. 50 years is a long time. But here are some fragmented memories from my childhood.

I was five or maybe six, I think. All these events seemed to have happened at one particular place my family lived.

There was a lady downstairs. I don’t remember her face, only her kindness. Somehow she knew I liked salami. And she always seemed to have some. I remember standing in her kitchen and her asking me if I would like a slice. I remember feeling so special. Funny, salami, and not a cookie or something, but I loved salty foods over sweets as a child.

There were swings in the yard. I have memories of just swinging and swinging for hours. How I loved to swing. But I also remember the wonderful feeling turning into an awful fright and I would scream for my Mother. I could see over the fence in my yard, the street out in front. I remember an old lady, maybe Italian, sitting on a chair on the sidewalk across the street looking at me. Then suddenly I would sense a force trying to pull me off the swing into the street to the other side. I always seemed to be able to resist but the sensation frightened me so.

I remember the front door. It had one of those old handles that you had to hold and push down the latch with your thumb. I remember not being able to open it and again being frightened and screaming for my Mother.

I am not sure how accurate these memories are. They could actually have happened at different times in different places I lived but it seems to me they were all connected to one place.

Anyway they have stayed with me all these years.

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