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I believe I can fly

Anyone who knows me will tell you I have a fascination with Birds and Butterflies. It’s reflected everywhere from my home décor to the jewelry I wear. It is not only the beauty of these creatures of nature that enthralls me but the fact that they have the ability to fly.
From a little girl I have had this memory of flying, in a dream, an imagining or a recollection of an actual event, I do not know. I have never been sure since I have been old enough to really think about it whether or not it actually happened but I do remember recalling the event in my mind year after year as if it actually did. I also remember recalling that this happened on more than one occasion in my childhood. The memory is of me deciding, as if I knew I had done it before, to lift myself off the floor in my home and float to just under the ceiling where I could soar around the room. The memory has always been so vivid but I have no recollection of when this event first actually took place, only that it did. I remember in my childhood pondering it in my heart and telling no one as if it were some special secret I held. Only when I was an adult did I tell anyone about it. As my life has gone on it has become more and more a distant memory of something left somewhere in my childhood. As an adult not only have I developed a love of flying creatures but of similar sensations as well. I have always loved roller coasters, parasailing, bungee jumping all of which I have tried and loved. I have great desire to experience hang gliding and a hot air balloon as well in my lifetime.
What is also interesting to note are the things that symbolically identify me as a person, such as needing to feel free to make choices that affect my life, not trapped or cooped up in any situation. I love to take leaps and risks and try and see new things all the time. I am not hesitant to take on something just because others may consider it impossible. I do believe that almost anything is possible if we want it bad enough. Spreading my wings and flying can be a metaphor used for a lot of ways in which I live my life.
Somewhere deep down in my heart I do believe I can fly.





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