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I look intently at the road ahead of me with my EYES and I SEE no finish line, so I press on understanding that this stage of life is not about the arrival but about the journey.

I look intently at the road ahead of me with my HEART and I FEEL no finish line, so I press on understanding that all my happiness lies in the journey, not in the arrival.

I look intently at the road ahead of me with my SOUL, and I KNOW no finish line, so I press on understanding my soul is immortal.


        Vision of the EYES, the HEART and the SOUL.


                         NEVER GIVE UP !!

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The majority of the things we waste our life worrying about never happen.

Fear paralyzes people from living life to the fullest.

You can become whoever you want to be if you first understand who you are.

People, no matter who, will at some point in your life disappoint you, learn to forgive.

People who are angry inside become ugly on the outside.

Love is at the center of all things good.

Faith is what enables you to walk on when you cannot see the road in front of you.

Good relationships require maintenance but are worth the effort.

Your children will  become who you believe they are.

Among the gravest illnesses, are self pity, self absorption, self loathing.

Women need women friends, it’s fundamental.

Healthy in love means giving your heart completely to someone without losing yourself in the process.

Understanding your worth prevents abuse and mistreatment by others.

Bitter people are their own jailors.

Dreams breed hope,  hope gives us  purpose.

If you never make an effort to change what you don’t like, you will miss a thousand opportunities to improve your life.

The only person I trust myself to completely is God.

Failure is made up of a lot of I can’ts.

Intentions may mean something but they accomplish nothing, action accomplishes.

We make mistakes, we can learn from them or repeat them. It determines whether we walk further down the path of life or spend our lives walking in circles.


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The Journeys of my life, I look upon with fond remembrance, no matter how difficult the course may have been. For they taught me how to press on. The bends in the road were learning curves. The obstacles , stepping stones. The hills taught me how to endure and believe in myself. The mountains taught me how to let God carry me for a while, and when I reached the tops and there appeared to be no path to lead me to the other side, I learned how to fly. Without difficulty there can be no growth. Without a challenge there can be no glory. Without the spirit to try there can be no journeys. For me, to live a life stuck in one place without the journeys would be death.


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