A lifetime of Christmases

Looking back on Christmas past I can say I have had many. Christmas of my childhood , and Christmas through the eyes of my own little ones . I have had Christmas in times of plenty , and Christmas when things were scarce . First Christmas as a young bride , baby’s first Christmas , first Christmas with an empty nest , first Christmas after a divorce . First Christmas as Grandmother and plenty after that . Christmas in love, White christmases , tropical Christmas’s , Christmas spent at home and away. Busy Christmases and quiet ones . Christmas with family and without. Christmas with neighbors and friends. And this year, Christmas after a tragic family loss .
I have loved them all . I will always love Christmas through all of life’s changes, and the peaks and valleys. Because the star shines bright in my heart no matter what surrounds me . The love, the joy the peace and the hope of the season are spiritual for me . Deep in the soul where sadness , pain, frustration, or whatever might make Christmas imperfect for me, eventually leads to the star of Bethlehem that shines forever bright with hope ..
Whatever your circumstances, however you celebrate , whatever your beliefs , we all long for the same things . Love, hope, peace and Joy .
Wishing all my friends and family the spirit of Christmas that satisfies all the longings of your heart . That comforts all your sorrows and that wraps you in a warm blanket of love as it does for me .
Merry Christmas 🎄

Sitting in the quiet early morning, I reflect upon another Thanksgiving day on this journey that is my life . Gratitude is one of the essential outlooks that never fails me, so I cherish my ability to see life through this lense . I can’t imagine the loss of my ability to view life as a blessing, even with all its imperfections . I don’t know how people live that way . I am sad for them . As for me , I’ll take it all . Illness and injury, loss and grief , pain and sorrow, for I know there’s nothing I will ever have to bear that God won’t carry me through . And amidst the hardship , there’s love, and hope, and inner peace, and there’s nature, music, art, laughter, sunrise’s and sunsets, stars and night skies. There’s family, my devoted husband, our beautiful children, grandchildren , friends, neighbors, The birds, the trees , all of God’s creatures. Snuggles with my devoted pets. There are the children playing outside my door, strangers smiling and lending a helping hand, there’s charity and goodness still alive in the human heart . There are hugs and kisses . There are babies. There’s holiday and birthday celebrations, there are ladies lunches , and coffee clutches and oh did I mention dessert ? There’s cozy moments by a warm fire , There are books , there is imagination, there is the ocean , the mountains , and there is travel . I could go on with a list of things . But What I’m really thankful for this Thanksgiving Is gratitude itself, and the power to feel it .

Free spirit

If you don’t ask me about myself,
you will be confused.
But don’t try to figure me out on your own.
You will likely end up being wrong and misunderstanding me .
No matter how good you may be at reading and assessing people,
I’m a challenge .
Just when you think you know how I would react to something,
I will surprise you.
Just when you set your expectations high of me,
I may disappoint you.
Just when you set them low,
I will rise to the occasion and amaze you.
Just when you have me molded into your perspective of who I am,
I will do or say something that breaks the mold.
Just when you’ve printed the label and placed it on me,
I will rip it off.
Just when you look for me marching one way with the crowd,
you will find me marching in the opposite direction, perhaps with a different crowd, perhaps alone .
Yes I’m complicated .
But I’m bendable not breakable .
I’m adaptable not rigid.
I’m open minded not close minded.
I am always changing,
I am ever growing,
I am a free spirit

Morning thoughts

I was reading a post from someone reflecting about their creative Mom back in the fifties, when money was tight, creating things for their home out of other’s trash and discarded items.
It brought my memory back to the 1970s and early 80s whe my kids were little and I was trying to decorate our humble apartment for the seasons . For a few years things were very, very tight and there were no trips to Michaels or Hobby Lobby for those kinds of frivolous things .
Instead there were trips down the street to the waterside for shells, starfish and driftwood to make summer decor . Trips into the woods behind our house to collect pine cones, acorns , bare tree branches , for fall and winter decor .
One particular memory I know my girls have is getting in the car to drive down to a local state park by the waterside where big shoots of pampous grass , (sea grass , sea oats) were abundant. Better known by our silly name of “woogies” as we called them . We would cut them down and put them in vases . God knows the bugs I probably brought into my house but, we lit some old fashioned oil lamps (for ambiance, we did have electricity) 😂😂, and our home was cozy. ❤️


For me the Pause is prayer, so is the moment of silence, the bowed head, the focus on our breathing, the stirring of gratitude deep inside of us, the reflection on the miracle of life, the beauty of nature and oh so many more moments like that. Yes, we can talk to God with our words, but he does not “NEED” our words to hear our prayers. He knows us from the depths of our souls.


For a very long time I’ve believed that life is like one long corridor of doorways. And behind every door there all kinds of blessings, experiences and opportunities, to live, love, learn, grow and to find joy and fulfillment . But most doors don’t open themselves. I don’t believe in waiting for my life to live itself. I believe in purposely living it. Every second, of every hour of every beautiful day .

On Equality

I believe that one of the most beautiful things about the human race is our diversity. I believe that “equality” means every human has the same value, but we are NOT all the same. We vary in our dna, in our physical attributes, in our cultural backgrounds in our talents, strengths and weaknesses. If we deny our differences then we lose a tremendous opportunity to learn from one another. We deny ourselves the enriching experience of seeing humanity beyond our own perspective. We are called to love, value and respect equally. We are not called to view everyone as the same. I don’t think any race, nationality or creed on this planet wants to be invisible. We want to be heard, understood respected and loved just the way we are.

Dirty Glass

My morning thoughts:

If someone hands you a piece of glass that is dirty and smudged, and asks you to look through that glass and see how dirty the scene on the other side is, what will you see ? Is what you see the reality of what really is ? Or is it just your reality?

If your negative emotions control how you look at a situation, so that what you see becomes negative, is it negative in reality ? Or only through your eyes ?

It is why I stopped discussing politics or social issues. I find most people are gripped in the practice of looking through a smudged glass that has been handed to them, or allowing their negative emotions to cloud their ability to see a situation with true objectivity, unbiased, without prejudice or pre conceived ideas.

I have been guilty of it, but I acknowledge it as a human weakness. As Dr Phil always says, we can’t correct something we don’t acknowledge.


I think one of the reasons I love watching movies from the 1950’s is the fascination with a time and world that was my Mother’s . Watching the women , their styles , their Mannerisms, the way they talked , it’s like watching a piece of your history .

When a simple poem, or a good rendition of a song with a beautiful message reaches inside you and wraps its fingers tightly around your soul and tears begin to flow from your eyes, you know you have stopped the world on its axis for just a brief moment, torn away the veil of everyday life and allowed yourself in the stillness of that moment to glimpse the beauty of your humanity .